Covid-19: consult the terms of visits

The opening hours are posted in each department.

By medical decision, visits may be limited or forbidden.

If your state of health and the organization of the service allow it, your loved ones can stay with you during the night.

Recommendations for your loved ones

  • Don’t bring too many people;
  • Avoid bringing young children;
  • Be discreet;
  • Potted flowers are forbidden. Cut flowers are to be limited and forbidden in certain cases;
  • Leave the room during care or medical visits;
  • The family may, if they wish, meet with a doctor during an appointment. For more information, please contact the health executive or the department secretary.

The reception of your loves one

If your state of health allows it, and in the absence of contraindications, one of your loved ones can obtain, according to the availability of the service, a bed to spend the night in your room.

To eat

They can also have their meals with you:

  • Possibility of ordering a meal tray to the health executive;
  • Staff restaurants open to accompanying persons during the week (on the 11th floor of Jean-Bernard and in Aristide-Maillol);
  • Vending machines with meal trays and microwaves available on weekends (11th floor);
  • Cafeterias every day of the week: on the 11th floor and in the Jean-Bernard hall, as well as in the atrium of the regional cancer center.

Meal tickets and tokens on sale during the week at the outpatient department (cash payment) + payment terminals (Jean-Bernard hall, cancer center and Aristide-Maillol – credit card only)

To sleep : la Maison des familles

This structure, handle by “La Maison des familles” association, allow to those who live far from Poitiers to stay with their child, partner or friend hospitalized in the hospital.

The financial participation of families and accompanying persons is adapted to their resources.

For more information, call 44 500 or 05 49 44 45 00 from an outside telephone.