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Access and parking

There are several hospitalization buildings on the site of la Milétrie.  The main building is called Jean-Bernard.

4 information points are positionned on the site to guide you.

There are 1.032 parking spots for patients and visitors. 84 spots are reserved for disabled, and 120 spots are reserved for medical vehicules, ambulances and taxis.

Parking lots are mainly located around Jean-Bernard, next to the cancerology regional center, in front of the cardiovascular center and next to geriatrics pole.

Digital displays linked to a real-time vehicule counting device shows the filling level of our parking lots.

Dedicated parking spots are available to ensure sports for patients near main entrances.

Parking lots are free of charge for patients.
Other visitors have to pay a parking fee. Applied prices are Grand Poitiers prices:

  • from monday to friday, from 8am to 7pm: du lundi au vendredi, de 8h à 19h : 0,50 € per quarter for the first 2 hours, 0,40 € per quarter for the next 2 hours, then 0,30 € per quarter.
  • from monday to friday, from 7pm to 8am: 0,50 € fee.
  • Weekends and holidays: 0,50€ fee per time slot (8am-2pm ; 2pm-7pm).

The first hour is free of charge, except for night time (7pm to 8am).

Free parking for:

  • Anyone, for the first hour, during daytime (from 8am to 7pm).
  • Patients who come for a consultation.
  • Patients hospitalized for the day or for iterative treatments.
  • Patients hospitalized (on their leaving day).
  • Disabled persons.
  • Hospitalized children’s parents.
  • Relatives of patients hospitalized in reanimation department.
  • The person accompanying a mother to the maternity department.
  • Medical vehicules, ambulances and taxis.
  • Two-wheelers.

Parkings lots of the geriatrics pole and palliative care unit are free of charge.

400 parkings spots are also available all over the site.

Do not leave any valuables in your vehicule. Poitiers University Hospital celines any responsibility in case of theft or violation of law.

Free valet parking available at the emergency department

Vitalis bus :

from monday to saturday :
1/10/11/13/27 lines

On sundays and holidays :
C line

Wheelchairs are available at Jean-Bernard’s reception desk