The right to the best possible care is a fundamental right, particularly for children.  

Télécharger la charte de l’enfant hospitalisé

  1. A child can be admitted to the hospital only when the treatment necessitated by his illness cannot be carried out at home, in outpatient care or in day hospital.
  2. A hospitalized child has the right to have his parents or their substitute at his side at any time of the day or night, whatever his age or medical condition.
  3. The parents will be encouraged to stay close to their child and will be offered all physical amenities, without having to pay a supplement or suffer any wage loss. The parents will be informed about the rules of existence and and the working methods applied in the unit and consequently be able to actively participate in their child’s treatment.
  4. The children and their parents have the right to receive information on the illness and its treatment, information in accordance with their age and ability to understand, and will consequently be able to participate in decisions involving them.
  5. Any non-indispensable examination or treatment will be avoided. Every effort will be made to reduce physical or emotional aggression and pain as much as possible.
  6. Children will not be admitted in the units for adults. They will be brought together according to age group so as to have safe access to the games, leisure and educational activity suitable for their age. Visitors shall be accepted without any age limit.
  7. The hospital must provide children with an environment corresponding to their physical, emotional and educational needs in terms of equipment, staff presence and safety..
  8. The health care team must be trained to meet the psychological needs of the children and their families.
  9. The health care team must be organized in such a way as to provide each child with a guarantee of continuous care.
  10. The intimacy of each child must be respected. He must be treated with tact and understanding in all circumstances.