Clinical research and innovation management


The internal promotion unit is tasked with ensuring management of those studies of which the Poitiers CHU is the promoter or the initiator.

The studies promoted by another institutional promoter (other CHUs, CLCC/cancer research centers, learned societies, etc…) are managed by the external promotion unit.

The internal promotion unit is in charge of biomedical research studies (drugs, medical devices, clinical trials other than health products), and is also in charge of routine or ongoing care studies, observational studies or research having to do with biological collections.

The tasks of the internal promotion unit

  • management of requests for promotion in cooperation with the regional delegate for clinical research and innovation;
  • support for researchers in preparation of their responses to tenders (the inter-regional and nationwide clinical research programs known as PHRC…);
  • establishment of research budgets;
  • submission of authorization applications to the different competent authorities (CPP, ANSM, CCTIRS, CNIL, Ministère de la recherche)
  • management of project logistics and budgetary monitoring;
  • monitoring of quality and projection management;
  • vigilance management in the different trials;
  • coordination and supervision of the CRAs in projet management;
  • writing of research contracts for financing purposes, in coordination with the project valorisation team.

Composition of the unit

Véronique Ferrand-Rigallaud, head manager
Promotion applications, financing, tender responses
Extension: 44 665

Fanny Abriat, administrative and logistics manager
Technical and regulatory management, expense tracking, logistics
Extension: 43 796

Sophie Duranton, pharmacist
Clinical trial vigilance
Extension: 43 050

Marie Bonnin, projet manager
Project management – quality procedures
Extension: 43 317