Medical equipment and innovations

Over recent years the surgical platform has grown more diversified, and it is now in an excellent position to provide patients with the benefits stemming from recent technological breakthroughs.  

  • Development of technologies for treatment of corneal pathologies 
    • corneal topography;
    • specular microscopy;
    • cross linking and lamellar corneal grafts.
  • Development of new retinal surgery techniques:
    • vitrectomy 27G.
  • Développement of new glaucoma treatments:
    • technique for administering ultrasound on the ciliary body.
  • New retinal imagery techniques :
    • OCT angiography :  a new apparatus for visualizing the retinal capillaries, ,
    • system of wide-field imaging for visualizing peripheral retinal pathologies,
    • non-mydriatic retinography,
    • SPECTRALIS OCT angiography for high-quality retinal imaging.