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Clinical 3T MRI

Combisuite Magnetom Skyra 3T imager (intraoperative) unique in France

Siemens Healthineers company (Erlangen, Germany)

User interface : Syngo MR, VE11C version

Technical characteristics

Number of reception channels : 128

Tunnel diameter : 70cm

Gradients strength/slope : 45mT/m & 200T/m/s

Core : crâne 1H, 31P, 24Na, périphérie 1H,31P

This magnet is equipped with a full body transmitting coil, and array coils of up to 64 receiving elements distributed around the head and neck of the subject. By first, we propose the 64-channel coil for an optimal signal-to-noise ratio, but for difficult subjects (children, elderly, large heads), the use of a larger 20-channel coil is recommended.

In addition to the “product” sequences provided by the manufacturer, multinucleus spectroscopy, T1,T2, T2* mapping, perfusion MRI (ASL sequence), or simultaneous acquisition of slices in Echo-Planar imaging called “multi-band” are available, functional MRI (fMRI).


This equipment has been funded by european research uinds.

Clinical 7T MRI

Magnetom Terra 7T MR Unit
First for clinical use (CE labeled) in France

Siemens Healthineers (Erlangen, Germany)

User interface Syngo MR VE12

Technical characteristics

Number of reception channels : 64

Tunnel diameter : 60 cm

Puissance des gradients : 80 mT/m

Gradients strength/slope 80mT/m & 200mTm/s

Multitransmit (research) mode 8

Core : crâne 1H, 31P, 23Na, 13C, périphérie 1H, 31P, 23Na, 13C

Platform leader

Referring doctors

pr guillevin

Pr Rémy Guillevin

dr herpe

Dr Guillaume Herpe

dr gianelli

Dr Benoît Gianelli


Clinical research associate

carole guillevin

Carole Guillevin, PhD

mathieu naudin

Mathieu Naudin, PhD

ludovic blanchard

Ludovic Blanchard

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