Ultra high magnetic resonance imaging platform

Inauguration on
the 15th november 2019

clinical application
unique in France

Because of the 7 Tesla initiative, the first clinical MRI with ultra high magnetic resonance in France was implanted in Poitiers University Hospital. It is the 23rd platform of this kind in the world.

About the 7 Tesla MRI

10 millions euros

It is the cost of the device, the antennas and the computer system. The cost of the infrastructure and the building aren’t taken into account.

20 tonnes

It is the 7 Tesla MRI’s weight


It is the number of the I3M joint laboratory scientists, who participate in the research projects on the 3 and 7 Tesla MRI


It is the number of engineers who will, with time, work on the 3 and 7 Tesla MRI


It is the number of devices used on the platform : the 3T MRI and the 7T MRI


It is the number of technicians specialized in medical electro-radiology who work with the 3 and 7 Tesla MRI