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Presentation of the regional cancerology center

The Poitou-Charentes oncology network

The medical oncology department is located in the  Pôle Régional de Cancérologie (PRC) on the Milétrie site.


The department includes:

  • 49 places for day hospital,
  • 58 beds for full hospitalization,
  • 14 beds for weekday hospitalization,
  • 3 beds for town-hospital coordination.


Each year, the oncology department carries out:  :

  • more than 2500 stays in weekday hospital, 
  • nearly 750 stays in full hospitalization,
  • nearly 3150 consultations to announce diagnosis,
  • nearly 1250 day hospital sessions.

Nos consultations


Medical team

Jean-Marc TOURANI, university professor, hospital practitioner — department head
Laurence BAHUET, hospital practitioner
Grégory BLANC, contractual practitioner
Patrick BOUCHAERT, contractual hospital practitioner
Damien BOUTIN, chef de clinique assistant
Sophie CALES, specialized assistant
Virginie CHABRUN, associate practitioner
Stéphanie CHIEZE, hospital practitioner
Anaïs DE SINGLY, chef de clinique assistant
Hélène DUTILH, hospital practitioner
Julien DUTILH, specialized assistant
Rayan ELFADEL, specialized assistant
Camille EVRARD, chef de clinique assistant
Aurore FAIVRE, specialized assistant
Aurélie FERRU, hospital practitioner
Emmanuelle GAUTIER, hospital practitioner
Amélie JAMET, contractual hospital practitioner
Anthony JONCOUR, interne
Corinne LAMOUR, contractual hospital practitioner
Evelyne LIUU, contractual hospital practitioner
Paul-Arthur HAINEAUX, contractual hospital practitioner
Karine MOUMOUH, hospital practitioner
Armelle PILLET, chef de clinique assistant
Nadia RABAN, hospital practitioner
David TOUGERON, university lecturer and hospital practitioner
Simon VALERO, hospital practitioner
Amélie WALTER LEPAGE, chef de clinique assistant
Ewa WIERZBICKA-HAINAUT, hospital practitioner

Wafa BENAKOUCHE, clinical research associate
Amélie BROUCKE, clinical research associate
Lydie DOUSSOT, clinical research associate
Christina GABARD, clinical research associate
Juliette PERDREAU, clinical research associate

Paramedical team

Catherine PETONNET, senior health care manager
Sylvie SAUZET, health care manager, full hospitalization
Cécile DELCOUSTAL, weekday health care manager
Peggy CHAIGNE, health care manager, week hospital
Mélanie COUTANT, health care manager, hospitalisation à Maillol
Sylvie BARLIER, PRC-town regulation coordinating nurse
Sylvie GAUDRU, coordinating secretary
Corinne GIRAUDEAU, psychologist
Audrey LE GAL, psychologist
Sabine PLOUZENNEC, psychologist
Sophie FRIMAS, social worker
Isabelle VALON, social worker
Laure DOYEMET, social worker
Marie PLAULT, social worker
Sandrine BOICHE, dietitian
Sylvie AUBERT, meeting/information area
Solenne AUBERT, socio-esthetician