Presentation of the maternity unit

Visit of the new maternity unit with Ghislaine Marcault, senior midwifery manager (in French)

Download the booklet presenting the new maternity unit (in French).


Gynecology-Obstetrics consultations, ground floor, corridor C

Ventre femme enceinte

This section includes gynecology and obstetric consultations, the family education and planned parenthood center, the prenatal diagnosis center and the medically assisted procreation center. The unit is tasked with monitoring physiological and pathological pregnancies.
The unit is actively involved in prevention, screening, diagnosis, prognosis and definition of behaviors to adopt in pre- and post-partum.

Obstetrics department, second floor, corridor D *

The post-partum (consequences of childbirth) section contains 20 beds with a nursery in each room. The unit accommodates women at the outset of labor as well as mother-child couples. It is involved in medical monitoring of post-partum conditions, education and prevention.

Obstetric pathology department,first floor, corridor C *

The pregnancy pathology hospital department contains 23 beds (12 beds for pathological pregnancies, and 11 beds for post-partum conditions) and a day hospital section.   A type-3 maternity ward participating in the regional perinatal network, it receives patients presenting with at-risk pregnancies referred to the department by gynecologist-obstetricians throughout Poitou-Charentes.

Gynecology department, floor 1, corridor D *

The gynecological surgery hospital department contains 25 beds. While this unit is principally dedicated to treatment of patients hospitalized due to a gynecological pathology, it also contains 4 obstetric beds and a nursery. Lastly, the unit treats patients at the stage of antenatal diagnosis.

* In each unit, there is a room for a person with reduced mobility.

The gyneco-obstetrics operating area

Bloc gynéco

It includes an emergency reception area, three gynecological surgery rooms, one cesarean room, five delivery rooms, two pre-delivery rooms and one “natural” delivery room, one puncture room for medically assisted procreation (MAP) and prenatal diagnosis (PND) and one delivery preparation room.  The unit “clusters” a number of scheduled consultations in cases necessitating joint monitoring (biological and ultrasound for gynecological pathologies, end-of-pregnancy consultations and consultations for prolonged pregnancy). Other activities: 1) surgical acts during pregnancy necessitating use of  a technical platform  (external version maneuver); 2) childbirth after physiological pregnancy; 3) childbirth after pathological pregnancy, in close collaboration with the neonatal resuscitation department.


Full hospitalization:

  • 65 gynecology-obstetrics beds

Alternatives to hospitalization :

  • 5 places in day hospital for pathological pregnancies
  • 4 orthogénie (unwanted or otherwise problematic pregnancies) places
  • ambulatory surgery unit
  • home-based hospitalization


Each year on the average, the maternity unit carries out:

  • nearly 9500 admissions for gynecology-obstetrics emergencies
  • more than 15000 gynecology-obstetrics consultations
  • 2500 deliveries;  2570 childbirths
  • 5700 hospitalisations  (some of the activity was recently transferred to the Pôle Régional de Cancérologie)
  • more than 20 home-based hospitalizations
  • more than 2000 surgical procedures


Our consultations

Pr Fabrice PIERRE, head of the center,  gynecologist-obstetrician

The gynecologist-obstetricians

Dr Caroline CARLIER-GUERIN, university hospital assistant
Pr Xavier FRITEL, university professor, hospital practitioner
Dr Marc DESHAYES, hospital practitioner
Dr Martine DUGUE-MARECHAUD, hospital practitioner
Dr Cédric NADEAU, hospital practitioner
Dr Titia N’DIAYE, hospital practitioner
Dr Richard SARFATI, hospital practitioner
Dr David DESSEAUVE, assistant clinic head
Dr Valérie VEQUEAU-GOUA, hospital practitioner
Dr Stéphanie ROBERT-BITAUDEAU, contractual practitioner
Dr Aurélie BROSSARD, assistant clinic head
Dr Diane DE VILLARDI DE MONTLAUR, assistant clinic head
Dr Stéphanie GRANDCOLIN, associated practitioner
Dr Eve SENET-LACOMBE, associated practitioner
Dr Nicolas GUILHEN, specialized assistant
Dr Caroline POUDOU, hospital assistant 

The anesthetists

Dr Fabienne CROSBIE, hospital practitioner
Dr Jacqueline DEMONDION, hospital practitioner
Dr Dominique FORT, hospital practitioner
Dr Florence NEMOZ-DELTOUR, hospital practitioner
Dr Valérie RENAULD, hospital practitioner
Dr Karen CATHERINE, contractual practitioner 

The supervisory staff

Ghislaine MARCAULT, senior midwifery manager
Elyane PRIOUX, midwifery manager, pathological obstetrics
Christine AUTEXIER, midwifery manager (FF), gynécologie H1D
Marie-Josèphe ROUGER, midwifery manager, gynecology-obstetrics consultations
Séverine BESSON, midwifery manager, delivery rooms
Muriel PAUTROT-ROGEON, midwifery manager, obstetrics H1B

The health care and the medical-administrative staff

The nurses
The childcare assistants
The health care aides
The hospital service staff
The laboratory technicians
The biologist
The medical and administrative secretaries

Other partners intervening in the unit

Dr Emmanuelle DESCOMBES-BARROSO, pediatrician
Dr Lorraine PIGUEL, pediatrician
Dr Violette CHANGEUR, psychiatrist
Pascale HERMOUET, dietitian
Virginie SIAM, social worker
Corinne VALLET, psychologist