Information and consent

According to their fields of skill, hospital professionals provide you with information on your state of health, its predictable development and the therapeutics under consideration.

No medical act will be undertaken without your free and informed consent.

Access to information on your health

Form accessible here or à la direction des affaires juridiques (tél : 05 49 44 47 50, courriel :

Possibility to either consult the file on site (free) or to request the sending of copies (reproduction and sending costs will be billed).

Your file is conserved for 20 years from the date of your most recent hospitalization or external consultation.

The survivors and/or beneficiaries of a deceased patient can also have access to some of the information in the file.

In the specific cases mentioned below, you can download the form by clicking on the link:  – if you are the spouse or parent of a deceased patient and if you wish to have access to that person’s medical file: demande de dossier médical par un ayant droit (request for file by a survivor or beneficiary). – if you are mandated by a patient to request access to that person’s medical file: demande de dossier médical par un mandataire (request for file by proxy). – if you are the guardian of a person of full age and wish to have access to his or her medical file:  demande de dossier médical d’un incapable majeur (request for file of an adult lacking legal capacity). – if you are the parent or legal representative of a patient not of full age and wish to have access to his medical file: demande de dossier médical d’un mineur (request for file of a person under 18).

Reproduction and sending costs will be billed to the requester.

Discretion and confidentiality Information about you is not accessible to persons other than yourself. You can request that your presence not be divulged or that information on your state of health not be communicated to your family and friends.

Data protection  Ever since enactment of the 6 January 1978 “Informatique et libertés” law  (data protection act), a patient has the right to information, access and rectification concerning his or her nominative personal information contained in the results of data processing.

General cancer registry  You can oppose the transmission of information on your subject in this registry.