Multithemed clinical investigation center (CIC-P)

Director : Pr François GUILHOT

Centre d’ investigation clinique-plurithématique du CHU de Poitiers : CIC802
2 rue de la Milétrie – 5 cours est Jean-Bernard – 86 280 Poitiers
Tel : 05 49 44 46 89 (gestionnaire) ou 05 49 44 30 56 (Infirmière)
Fax : 05 49 44 46 91

Le CIC-P is open from Monday through Friday from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M.


The CIC-P is located in the heart of the La Milétrie hospital site, close to Jean-Bernard and consequently close to functioning short-stay wards. It is open to investigators, whatever their institutional ties, and also to manufacturers wishing to pursue research on healthy or unhealthy humans, with or without direct individual benefit.

In order to carry out its mission, the CIC-P offers:

  • logistical and technical support for project implementation;
  • high-quality research carried out in facilities adapted to good clinical practices ensuring safety and confidentiality;
  • training by and/or for practitioners, interns, students and trainees.

A transversal structure promoting clinical research on the site of the Poitiers CHU,  it renders available 673m² dedicated to clinical research  with an adult section (6 beds) and a pediatric section (2 beds), a team trained in clinical research (2 coordinators: adult and child),  a physician serving as a delegate, a methodology team (1 manager, 3 CRAs and 2 nurses, and state-of-the-art techniques: calorimetry, measurement of body composition, measurement of arterial tension variability…

The CIC-P is organized in 4 teams supported by specialists in clinical research methodology and bio-statistics, and there are 3 predominating themes :

1- Chronic myeloid leukemia: resistance, dormancy and therapeutic applications; ,
2- Nutrition, fetal and post-natal factors and chronic illnesses;
3- Clinical neurosciences.

With its multiple themes and fields of endeavor, the CIC-P is open to all researchers wishing to initiate new studies.

As a space facilitating exchanges, its meeting room remains at the full disposal of the different teams.

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