Your arrival

Wishing to streamline your hospital admission by simplifying your procedures and reducing your wait time, the CHU of Poitiers has reorganized its reception section. As soon as you arrive, the medical and administrative referents will meet and greet you in the relevant consultation and/or hospitalization services.

In the event that you were not able to have your admission registered in advance, you can introduce yourself directly in the relevant consultation and/or hospitalization services to the persons responsible for expediting your admission procedures.

And if your hospitalization was planned in advance, a hospital physician or surgeon will have given you a convocation letter when the decision to hospitalize was taken.

To avoid having to wait on the day of admission, try to have your administrative dossier completed as soon as the day of consultation or date of hospitalization has been determined. You can carry out this procedure by contacting the medical-administrative referent of the unit in which you will be hospitalized.

Documents not to forget:

  • your updated social security card (carte vitale);
  • your mutual benefit insurance card;
  • your identity document (identity card, passport, residency permit) ;
  • your health journal (carnet de santé);
  • your blood group card;
  • your medical prescription for transportation (which your physician may have given you, if it is justified by your state of health).

Before any hospitalization or consultation, be sure to have registered with your medical-administrative referents.

Documents to provide in specific cases:  

  • If you benefit from universal health coverage (CMU), a certificate justifying your entitlement.   .
  • If you are hospitalized due to a workplace accident, the second sheet of the workplace injury form. 
  • If you are a protected minor or major, approval for hospital treatment signed by your legal representative.  
  • If you benefit from state medical aid (AME), notification of health care coverage..
  • If you are a European Union national, your European health insurance card. 

Do not forget to provide your medical and administrative referents with the contact information of your primary physician (whom you have declared, as such, for social security purposes).    

The coordinated health care program

In order to facilitate the procedures concerning the financing of your hospital stay or your consultation, you must provide the medical and administrative referents with the contact information of your primary physician (whom you have declared, as such, to your social security authority).

If you have not established this déclaration, a surcharge of 40% by medical act  (capped at 10 €) will be applied, and it shall not be reimbursed by health care mutual funds.

Public sector consultations

Each unit has public sector consultations available. 

To make an appointment, you can consult the list of services in the directory of medical specialties on this site.

In order to benefit from the third party payment offered by some mutual funds, remember to present your currently valid social security card as well as your mutual benefit insurance card. Once you have done so, you will be dispensed from co-payment via the ticket modérateur.

If you fail to present the necessary supporting documents, you will be billed for our services.

Private practice

  • You have expressly requested an appointment for a private practice consultation and have clearly specified this to the relevant secretarial service, which has informed you of the cost of the consultation.
  • You wish to be personally treated, during your hospitalization, by specifically designated hospital physicians or surgeons.

In both cases, the practitioner must provide you with all necessary information on the supplementary costs that are not reimbursed by health insurance schemes and must remind you of the total amount of money to be paid for the consultation.

You may need to know that in the event that you are not registered with a mutual find granting special benefits, the relevant organs shall reimburse your expenses in accordance with the currently applied standard rates.

Moreover, in the private sector a single room is not systematically attributed.