Presentation of the unit


NeurologieThe neurology unit is located on the 4th floor, corridors C and D, of Jean-Bernard, on the Milétrie site.


The neurology unit contains 64 beds, including 12 beds for weekday hospitalization.

The large-scale division includes several hospitalization units:  :

  • a neurovascular unit (NVU) for treatment of cerebrovascular accidents, with 8 beds for intensive care and 12 beds for post-intensive care.
    The 8 beds for intensive care present permanent surveillance of all the vital signs (oxygen, arterial pressure, heart rate) ;
  • a 12-bed weekly hospitalization unit, in which brief hospitalization mainly involves testing and short-term therapeutic care.
  • 32 short-stay beds in a “Parkinson expert center” dedicated to movement pathology and addressed to patients presenting with Parkinson’s or related diseases; they are offered adapted and suitable treatment.


Each year, the neurology unit counts more than 4500 hospital stays (all in all, around 21500 days), including:

  • more than 800 hospitalizations for cerebrovascular accidents;
  • more than 500 hospitalizations for multiple sclerosis.


Nos consultations


The medical team

Pr Jean-Philippe NEAU, university professor, hospital practitioner, department head
Pr Jean-Luc HOUETO, university professor, hospital practitioner
Dr Isabelle BENATRU, hospital practitioner
Dr Foucaud DU BOISGUEHENEUC, hospital practitioner
Dr Johathan CIRON, hospital practitioner
Dr Stéphane MATHIS, hospital practitioner
Dr Solène ANSQUER, clinic head
Dr Delphine LARRIEU-CIRON, clinic head
Dr Louise WATRIN, clinic head

The paramedical team

Marie-France JOYEUX, senior health care manager
Sophie ROTH, health care manager, consultation, level – 2 D
Alexandra LAHANQUE, health care manager, hospitalization- 4th floor, corridors C and D
29 nurses,
38 nurses’ assistants,
6 secretaries,
as well as physiotherapists,  dietitians, occupational therapists and social workers

Neuropsychology and language reeducation  

Vanessa BAUDIFFIER, psychologist
Sophie BLONDEAU, psychologist
Anne FRADET, psychologist
Mireille BEAUCHAMPS, speech therapist
Coline BOUYER, speech therapist