Strategy and projects


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A cardiovascular center

Satellite neuro-cardio-vasculaire NCVSee the  page dedicated to the center.

A cardiovascular center on the site of Milétrie, whose objectives are:

  • To structure and consolidate on one site, all cardiovascular emergencies for prompt care best suited to the patient;
  • To set up an imaging and explorative platform;
  • To bring the cardiology intensive care unit, the neurovascular emergency unit and technical facilities closer together;
  • To assemble and increase resuscitation facilities;
  • To bring together the operating skills of the hospital and all short-stay activities in the Jean-Bernard tower;
  • To allow the hospital to  fully play its role as a regional centre of referral by offering it’s skills and expertise to other institutions and professionals in the Poitou Charentes region;
  • Favourise research in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

The estimated cost of this project is estimated at € 50 million and is led by the  architects Behrend (Paris) and TLR (Bordeaux).

The future managerial building

Futur pavillon administratif

The future managerial building will bring together the totalitu of the administrative departments of the hospital. It will be situated in the middle of the site in order to be easily recognized and to define it’s role with the medical departments.

Architect : Brenac & Gonzalez.

The new family accommodation building

façade Maison des familles CHU de Poitiers

The former building was closed in order to make way for the neuro cardio vascular center and a brand new building opened it’s doors in September 2014 on the Milétrie site. It offers 29 bedrooms and studio apartments for family and friends of hospitalized patients.

The principle of this building is that money should not be an object when it comes to staying near your next of kin.

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