A space for ethical thinking

Logo espace éthiqueIn the Poitou-Charentes region, the combined efforts of the CHU of Poitiers, the Fédération hospitalière de France, the Fédération des établissements hospitaliers et d’aide à la personne and the universities of  Poitiers and La Rochelle have led to the creation of an Espace de réflexion éthique régional (regional space for ethical thinking), which was formalized by signature on 22 March 2013 of a constitutive agreement.

Financed by the Agence régionale de santé and housed by the CHU of Poitiers, the Espace de réflexion éthique régional (ERER) has been tasked with several missions.  It is a place for university training, for documentary resources, and also for interdisciplinary exchanges. The ERER  facilitates exchanges between professionals and academics and the representatives of associations involved in the life and health sciences. It promotes encounters at the regional level and provides methodological support for professional or institutional requesters. It is also tasked with organizing public debates at the regional level in view of disseminating information furthering the consultations of concerned citizens on ethical questions. The ERER coordinates its endeavors with those of the Comité consultatif national d’éthique.

Designated by the signers of the above-mentioned constitutive agreement as director, Professor Roger Gil has put together a small-scale team (referent director at the CHU, task officer, librarian, and secretary)  so as to meet the needs of an ambitious and absorbing program, which will be spelled out by  a 40-member advisory board chaired by Professor René Robert.

The space for ethical thinking has an internet site offering all publics a selection of publications, articles, recent developments in ethics, information on events, thematic dossiers…