The Institutional Review Board (CPP)

Comité de protection des personnes / Institutional review board du CHU de Poitiers

Bat. Vie La Santé – 1er étage porte 101
2 rue de la Milétrie
B.P. 577 86 021 Poitiers cedex

Tél : 05 49 45 21 57 or extension 45 681

President : Adeline RANGER (college II)
Vice-président : Elise GAND (college I)
Research assistant:
Secretariat opening hours: from Monday to Friday, from 10 A.M. to 1 P.M.


The 9 August 2004 law, an amendment to the “Huriet-Sérusclat” law, replaces the former “consultative committees for the protection of persons in biomedical research” with the committees for protection of persons, otherwise known in English as institutional review boards. The review boards are tasked with expressing a reasoned opinion prior to any biomedical research. They must guarantee that protection of the participants in the research is fully ensured (conveying preliminary information, obtaining consent; exclusion period, protected persons…), that the research is relevant, and that the risk-benefit assessment is satisfactory. In the event that the reasoned opinion is not favorable, implementation of the research project will not be allowed. It is stipulated in the regulations that the review boards will be solicited with regard to a research project related to ongoing care, to constitution of a collection of biological samples or to the use of elements or products from the human body for scientific purposes representing a change of objective relative to the consent initially accorded.


CPP Ouest III most often meets on the third Wednesday of each month.  . CPP is voluntarily participating in the pilot phase of the establishment of European regulations.  2015 schedule 2016 schedule For further information, please consult the south Mediterranean CPP site or contact us at the secretariat.


You will find as an attachment a list of the documents required by the committees proceeding to evaluation and determination of the admissibility of application forms concerning:

Interventional research

Submission of protocol (drug, non-drug, medical device, cosmetics…) Document added to the initial request for CPP evaluation Request for substantial modification

Ongoing care

Subnmission of protocol Document allowing the CPP to ascertain that the submitted research project is indeed devoted to the assessment of ongoing care


Conservation of parts of the human body for scientific purposes

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