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La Maison des familles
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In Poitiers,  on the site of the hospital, a house to bring hospitalized patients and their families closer together. 

Part and parcel of the welcoming approach of the Poitiers hospital, this house is for those who reside far from Poitiers and wish to remain close to a child, a spouse, a friend hospitalized in the CHU of Poitiers, regional referral facility.  


 Presentation of the Maison des familles


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A hosting solution for the families of hospitalized children and adults 

This house offers 29 fully equipped rooms and studios; accessible 7 days a week, spread out on two floors built around a light well that endows the structure with a highly contemporary aspect. The exterior and the interior design of the building are appreciated by one and all..

Families are requested to make a small financial contribution according to their means and in function of the duration of their stay.

Listening and support are provided by the hostesses and the association volunteers.

Everything is done so as to reinforce tie-ins with the health care services, to offer reassurance and relaxation, and to thereby help family and friends to see their way through trying times.

A house accessible to all is sustained by solidarity.  

The donations of individuals and the generosity of companies, associations and local authorities all help to ensure the financial viability of the Maison des familles and to limit the contributions of families.

A genuine solution for extended families… 

Each year, more than 1300 families sojourn in the Maison, over one third of them for more than a month. Nearly three quarters of them come from Poitou-Charentes.

…and for medical services, as well 

All the regional health care services of the Poitiers CHU are concerned day in and day out by the requests of families to stay near their child, spouse or friend.

Our vow: Money must not be an obstacle to support of a hospitalized friend or spouse. 

For further information: 05 49 44 45 00
or the internet site:

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The services provided

The different companions of hospitalized patients can dispose of lodgings:

  • On the Milétrie site: 29 rooms and studios with one or two beds.
  • 6 days out of 7, hostesses receive the guests.
  • A team of volunteers remains present on Sundays and holidays.
  • Sheets and towels are provided throughout the stay.

Families have at their disposal: 

  • a laundry room with washing machine, tumble dryer and irons,
  • a kitchen equipped with refrigerators and freezers,
  • a dining room.

Breakfast is included in the above-mentioned financial contribution.

The other meals can be put together and served on site in the kitchen or the dining room, but also in the cafeteria or self-service restaurant of the CHU.

The salon is a space for relaxation and exchange between families.

façade Maison des familles CHU de Poitiers

To function on a daily basis and furnish our new house, which opened in September 2014, we stand in need of your support and your generosity.

Since anyone can be concerned one day, the solidarity of one and all is a vital necessity. 

Par vos dons, aidez l’association « La Maison des familles » à poursuivre son action. With your donation, help the “La Maison des familles” association to pursue its activities. 

The association is recognized as being of general interest; donations are tax-deductible (66% of the donated amount).

A 50-euro donation will only cost you 17 euros.